write emails

  • to single address
  • to address-list
  • save email drafts
  • html/plaintext

view emails

  • list received emails
    • by date
    • by "from"
    • by tags
    • by flags
  • show email

manage emails

  • delete email
  • archive email
  • tag email

secure emails

  • encrypt emails
  • sign emails


Mailyt is available as Software as a Service. This means that all the maintenance task to run Mailyt are outsourced. You only need web access using a modern web-browser. All traffic is encrypted and your valuable data is backed up routinely.

We try stick with the slogan 'Keep it simple, stupid'. The interface follows modern industrial design rules. All pages try to give you just enough information to do the task while being simple. Dynamic elements such as inline editing are used sparsely, but are there where appreciated.


Mailyt is not the average e-mail client. It is built using the same technologies and principles as well known internet services like Facebook, or GMX. This allows very fast development and roll-out times. Every feedback, both positive and negative is very much appreciated.



Mailyt is open source software, so there is no binding any Company (CyT). Mailyt is licensed under GPLv3, please visit for more information about the license.